What qualities make Donna stand out in her field? Her determination to find the most reliable, articulate sources, the latest research and eye-catching art (she has working relationships with talented photojournalists.) Donna eschews shortcuts and wrestles with every sentence to make it sing. And, like her heroine, Terry Gross (Fresh Air), she asks subjects revealing, out-of-the box questions to satisfy her own curiosity--and that of her readers.  And after 27 years, Donna still loves her work. 

     Donna can tackle any topic—raw food diets, senior housing developments, nonprofit reports and grants but her specialties are animal welfare, mental health and social justice. For Donna, journalism is all about speaking for the voiceless and writing about those working for solutions to social ills. Her articles have appeared in: Texas Highways, CityLab, BBC Travel, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Lilith, The Chicago Tribune, Yes! Magazine and other national and regional publications.

 Some of her favorite assignments:


Hundred of horses roam free at Black Beauty Ranch animal sanctuary in Murchison, TX. Founded in 1979 by Cleveland Amory, the sanctuary is home to 40 species of neglected and homeless animals.

Children in Kolkata delight in seeing their photos for the first time.